Kitty Cones Packaged Mochi Tests

rice flour mochi dough

Dough dropped into a deep embossed plastic/egg mold and froze it (no ice cream filling in test)

Mochi out of mold

Next Steps For Testing

Create molded Kitty Cone trays similar to this. Details for face may need to be deep emboss?

freshly made mochi is very pliable so it should form around the mold easily - if not, a molded top to snap into the bottom tray to push mochi better into the mold may be needed

Vacuum formed test on PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) food-safe plastic sheets using 3D printed model

TASK - Create tray molds of kitty in cone as one mochi piece

Have Kitty and cone as separate 3D .STL files. Will have to combine both models for Kitty in Cone design for final mold.