(in progress)

• animated series in development / Pitch Deck completed - CAA (Sweet July Agents)  setting up mid-June meetings with broadcasters


• prototype new Kitty Cones molding concept with Phil Wright - work with MGT Foods President Michael Emanuele on manufacturing process
• solidify Kitty Cones mochi production feasibility  to help push Kitty Cones Cafes licensing w/Japanese & Korean partners
• speak to Advisor Laurie Peterson for VC funding to produce and distribute Kitty Cones Mochi in U.S. or Striker helps w/ Mochi Licensing Partner

• costing out Kitty Cones Art/Vinyl Toys made in Japan 


Kitty Cones Social Media

(create a calendar of holidays & pop culture events to base content and posts on)
TWITTER - Focus on consistent content
• cartoons w/kitty, ice cream, pop culture, sensibilities, embracing kindness, & we're better together
• new book content
• advertise Kitty Cones NFTs & physical product releases only - No more WL collabs
• campaign on Twitter to mint-out 5k release to fund building a team & projects ie: multi-player game, toys, etc...

• showcase product

• begin posting all kitty cones animations

• reward 5K Holders with original Kitty Cones sketch NFTs from the first published book- 23 total pages, give away 1 page every 241 minted Kitty Cones until minted out
• stickers - hiring artists to help create animated stickers
• no-WL collabs
• define/refine role of Discord & Kitty Cones


• Michael Rippe (morning squeeze) in discussions to help as marketing consultant
• Jim Delamater (smartr) - operations/consultant
• Discord Community manager: Joseph - Mods: Tyler, Cody, Jamie
• hire artists to create themed sticker sets for discord/social




Where to take my work next in the NFT space?

NFT BOOK PUBLISHING (digital & physical books) Under C&W umbrella - Ralph Twitter or C&W Twitter?
• create 10 unique NFT covers of a single book title (a similar concept used in comics). Each cover is an edition of 1K.

• these NFT book covers become (passes) which allow you to purchase or access the complete digital book & other perks (discuss)  - a reasonable price point of $25-$35 (working amount)

• establish a minting goal, when that certain number is reached, a printed version of the book is released and free with the cover pass - Holders log in with wallet, supply address, and email on the website to redeem the printed book version  -   establish a long-term email list for newsletters.  ( think Kickstarter meets NFT space)

• individual pages sold as NFTs

• need to cost out fulfillment & domestic & overseas shipping costs

Honk-Honk-Ashoo book completed (out of print- new revised edition)


Frankenstein book completed - Dracula & Werewolf books have completed manuscripts and character designs


Frankenstein book on-demand printing prototype












New Kitty Cones "Love is..." book in progress