• Grow followers on Social
• Mint out 5k Collection
• Bring awareness to upcoming Astro Kitty Cones Release

What do we need?

• Organized schedule for Giveaways, Collabs, Promos (Twitter or Discord or both?)
• Release date for Astro Kitty Cones
• Game Demo from Rigo
• Promos/Collabs on Twitter other than Giveaways?
• Coordinate Exclusive Minting sessions with other projects?

Twitter/Discord promos & events?

• games, events?
• Spaces/AMAs  - Ralph talks about publishing, toys, licensing, developing content for entertainment



Giveaways to promote Minting  (Twitter or Discord or both?)

Original Sketches from the first Kitty Cones book

One-off NFTs


One of a kind toy eraser prototypes - Rainbow Series

One of a kind toy eraser prototypes - Spring Series